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wmrt stands for "WindowMaker remote traffic" and is a dockapp for WindowMaker that shows the internet traffic of a remote computer.

On the computer that is to be monitored you must run the rtserver (remote traffic server). wmrt connects to this server and reads the data. The server sends data every second as follows:

bytes_received bytes_sent

The server is a TCP server so you can connect with telnet to the server. Example telnet session:

28906 1338
258894 10097
7570 640
45420 3440
187796 6714

The rtserver provides neither an authentication nor an encryption so you can configure your firewall so it only accepts connections from your local IP on the local network interface if you don't want anybody to see your traffic amount. There might also be buffer overflows so I recommend using a firewall. There is no warranty at all! If you've found a bug, send it to me.


Here's a screenshot of this WindowMaker dockapp. At the left the dockapp shows the received traffic and at the right the sent traffic.


Version 1.0 (26.12.03)

Version 0.1

To do





Version 1.0


  1. Download wmrtX.X.tar.gz or .tar.bz2 (replace X.X with the version number)
  2. Extract it with tar xzvf wmrtX.X.tar.gz (if .tar.gz) or with tar xjvf wmrtX.X.tar.bz2 (if .tar.bz2)
  3. Go into the directory wmrtX.X with cd wmrtX.X
  4. Read the README file which is in this directory.

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