rsatools - encrypts and decrypts files with the RSA algorithm

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rsatools is a program for encrypting and decrypting files with the RSA algorithm. When you have installed rsatools then you must at first create a publickey and a privatekey file. The data will be encrypted with the publickey file and decrypted with the privatekey file. The longer the key is the moresecure it is. You must specify the length of the key in bits. Usually 1024 bits is enough.





Version News
1.0 (31.08.03) First release


To do

Allgemein rsaencrypt.c





Version 1.0
rsatools1.0.tar.gz (24KB, MD5: 34401737d1a0e672948bd367bd2efe97)
rsatools1.0.tar.bz2 (20KB, MD5: 0c08927e3a828727b76c92f0a3b4e194)



1. Download rsatoolsX.X.tar.gz or .tar.bz2 (replace X.X with the version number)
2. Extract it with
tar xzvf rsatoolsX.X.tar.gz (if tar.gz) or with tar xjvf rsatoolsX.X.tar.bz2 (if tar.bz2)
3. Go into the directory rsatoolsX.X with
cd rsatoolsX.X
4. Read the INSTALL and README file which is in this directory.


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