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Another reason why Mac OS X is better than Windows

Here’s a comparison of the “Mouse Precision Error Coefficient” (from Pfeiffer Consulting, lower is better):

Mouse Precision Error Coefficient

You can really feel the difference when working with both systems.

Found via digg.

2 Responses to “Another reason why Mac OS X is better than Windows”

  1. Josh Says:

    That seems to match what you feel intuitively as the difference between the systems. The Windows mouse still has the jump/slip characteristics of a DOS-mounted joystick from about 1986. It feels like they threw way too much processing and too little thought at the problem about 20 years ago and pretty much never took the time to refactor their code. I bet Bill Gates’ original work on that is still buried somewhere around line six billion of Vista.

  2. eurodipity Says:

    Hi, I am from Spain and here MAC is hitting a impressive boom in the market this year. Two years ago was very rare that someone had a MAC, but now step by step the people will choose rather than Microsoft. I hope that the next PC I will buy be a MAC! :) blog is powered by WordPress
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